Antipastiera per buffet


Modular appetizer plates in white ceramic, perfect for buffets, appetizers, breakfasts, and tasting menus. It offers a regal presentation for serving delicacies in an elegant and exclusive manner.

Measurements: cm.138 x 85 x 31 height

The modular white ceramic appetizer plate is an elegant and classic work of art. Its structure comprises two tureens with spoons, a central stand, and 16 shaped plates arranged around the three main elements like pieces of a puzzle, creating a captivating composition evoking harmony and elegance.

The engraving of the date 1730 on the original plaster molds not only adds historical and authentic value to the product but also attests to its long tradition and enduring beauty over time.

It transcends mere tableware; it is a symbol of class and taste, ideal for enhancing any event and creating unforgettable experiences.

To preserve the beauty of the ceramics, hand washing is recommended.

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