Centerpiece with cherubs


Majestic handmade white ceramic centerpiece with fretwork and three cherubs.

Measurements cm. 43 diameter / 39 cm height

Each piece of ceramic is a unique work of art, forged with craftsmanship and attention to detail. Handmade with artisanal skill, each creation is a concrete testimony of our cultural heritage that is passed down from generation to generation. Among the most complex objects to create is the limited edition centrepiece, composed of a hand-crafted base and three cherubs holding a cup, also finely perforated. Its significant size and complexity of workmanship make it an item expected to increase in value over time, representing an investment in cultural heritage.

This is an authentic reproduction made from an original late 18th century mold. The design can be attributed to Domenico Bosello (1755-1821), a famous sculptor who worked for 35 years at the Antonibon factory, creating exceptional groups and figures of mythological, allegorical and pastoral inspiration.

Revealing antiquity can increase the charm: our eighteenth-century ceramics, which we still produce today "dressed" in white, do not fear the passage of time.

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