Barettoni - Manifattura Ceramiche Artistiche - Nove Vicenza

A factory-museum to visit


Fabbrica ceramiche artistiche da visitare - Museo ceramiche artistiche Nove Vicenza

Entering the Barettoni factory is truly a dive into history: the manufacturing headquarters is still housed in the ancient paternal house of Giovanni Battista Antonibon, where the testimonies of the ancient activity are preserved with care and respect, without forgetting the passage of time. A place of art and culture also chosen by the FAI for the "Spring Days".

Inside, you will find the sales point with a vast assortment of tableware ceramics and furnishing accessories, unique pieces, gift items, and the outlet with many bargains..

For groups of at least 10 people, it is possible to book the guided tour: the phases of ceramic manufacturing, the ancient wood-fired kiln, and the museum in the exhibition rooms of the suggestive building will be illustrated.

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